Jazz Guitar Workshops

Whether you’re a gigging jazz guitarist or new to the art of playing jazz, come and join a workshop with Trefor Owen, premier Welsh jazz guitarist and among the UK’s finest jazz educators.

Trefor believes in demystifying jazz guitar, teaching his students what is important, and demonstrating that simplicity often wins the day.




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Thanks for all your tutoring over the past jazz guitar weekend. I really enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed the whole weekend. Thanks for that.

I’ve been ploughing through your copious notes, especially your study no: 9, about approaching chord groupings, and the scales to use.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Cheers, thanks again.

Derek Ayling

Dear Trefor,

Thank you very much for the excellent workshop last weekend, I found it most useful and enjoyable. I have not attended a better organised workshop, your commitment and attention to detail was extraordinary and Trefor’s teaching style was refreshingly coherent, with time taken to explain each point before moving on to the next.

I have come away with so much material to work on it will take at least 6 months to work through all the notes and study’s you provided and I’m sure they will come in useful for years to come.

I have started to use your “Fifteen Minute Daily Practice Routine” as a warm up, I am reading through all the studies to decide an order to work through them.  Your Ideas on starting improvising has opened up my mind and the penny has dropped, I feel I many obstacles I had previously perceived where blocking my way have been brushed a side.  I am sure I will be contacting you in the not to distant future to help me understand and use the studies, maybe a Skype lesson or two would do it, as I will not be able to attend another workshop this year, hopefully I’ll be able to come next year.

Best wishes

Ken Lawson

Ready to get started, contact Trefor today

Trefor chooses the jazz standards for study very carefully and for ease of playing i.e. melody, chords and improvisation, and also to enable the student to gain knowledge of music theory and allow facility building to slowly gain momentum.

More Testimonials

As a long-standing guitarist who wanted to get into Jazz, I heartily recommend Trefor Owen’s teaching. From ‘building block’ chords, scales and rhythms to structured studies based upon classic American and Latin standards, his method has enabled me to progress from bedroom playing to live performance. If you follow his methods and practice consistently I don’t see how you can go wrong.
Les Renshaw

Hazel Grove – 13/2/14

Yes going well and learning a lot from your tuition books a great resource. I finally feel like I’m actually progressing my learning in a well thought out & thorough professional system. I am really looking forward to this jazz journey! Thanks Andrew.

I have been learning with Trefor for around 4 months now. I contacted him as I wanted to not only start to explore Jazz but also find a way to revitalise my general playing in terms of technique, motivation and willingness to keep learning. In those 4 months, Trefor has enabled me to achieve the standard whereby I am able to play a few Jazz standards in public, without worrying whether I am being laughed at or not. Trefor’s methods are simple and easy to comprehend and based upon common sense and musical logic. I can now improvise over any song, using a few key devices that I previously might have heard of but had no idea how to effectively use to sound like a jazz player. I can also say that the quality of written material is of the highest order and better than any books I’ve ever had. Before studying with Trefor I felt I could call myself a competent guitarist but now I really can see that if I keep on with this, it’ll not be long before I can actually start to call myself a musician.
Stuart Smith